America’s Choice – Liberty Or Sustainable Development

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Five experts on environmental science and politics expose what has been called the greatest weapon of mass destruction of our time.

It is the elimination of personal freedom under the banner of sustainable development.

Michael Shaw, an ecologist and founding member of Freedom 21 Santa Cruz, shows how the concepts behind sustainable development are incompatible with personal liberty.

Michael Coffman, President of Environmental Perspectives, reveals the false assumptions and outright fraud in sustainable development proposals.

Michael Chapman, of the American Heritage Research Group, makes a breathtaking presentation on how American schoolchildren have been conditioned to uncritically accept the premises of sustainable development as part of a larger plan to prepare them for global citizenship.

Beverly Eakman, author of Cloning of the American Mind, exposes the group-manipulation tactics used in schools and public meetings to alter the attitudes of unwary participants.

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, summarizes and focuses the issues in terms of what must be done if freedom is to survive.

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America’s Choice – Liberty Or Sustainable Development 1:

America's Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development

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