Global Warming or Global Governance

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Interviews of climate scientists and biologists from numerous sources who explain, step by step, why Al Gore and the global warming alarmists are incorrect.

In some cases, blatantly so.

It also provides evidence that the global warming agenda is being funded with tens of billions of dollars as a mechanism to create global governance.

Global Warming or Global Governance

Global Warming or Global Governance

Hear from congressmen, experts and even well-known news broadcasters how global governance puts global institutions that are not accountable to the American people in control of every aspect of our economy.

The U.S. government is very close to making this a reality.

Very close.

Every American, every citizen of the world, needs to hear the other side of the global warming story.

Visit the Global Warming Or Global Governance website to find out more about the film & to purchase a High Quality DVD.


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