The Capitalist Conspiracy

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A video adaption of a documentary filmstrip by G. Edward Griffin, tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world.

It shows how this monopoly is protected by governments and how the group’s vast wealth is derived from creating money out of nothing.

We see how this group wields power through government, foundations, education, and the mass media. 48-minute video. A classic that gains grace with age.

The Capitalist Conspiracy

The Capitalism Conspiracy

Visit the The Capitalist Conspiracy: An Inside View of International Banking website to find out more about the film & to purchase a High Quality DVD.


Ramadhan says:

It is well known that promoters of the New World Order clrerntuy hold a controlling interest in the Democrat Party and have also heavily invested in the Republican Party. The upshot of this is that well before we cast our ballots in 2012, we NEED to KNOW FOR CERTAIN that the people we are voting for are LOYAL AMERICANS. Accordingly, IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE PROTECTION OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY THAT WE CONSISTENTLY VOTE AGAINST ANY AND ALL CANDIDATES WHO HAVE ANY CONNECTIONS WHATSOEVER WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:,U.N., Bilderberg Group, soros, islam, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, World Court, Communist Party, Socialist Party, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, the SO-CALLED Federal Reserve , which is NOT federal , HAS NO RESERVES, and is a CRIMINAL INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL WITH AN INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING NAME, and any individual person or group whatsoever that espouses the view that the sovereignty of the United States of America should EVER, AT ANY TIME, IN ANY PLACE, FOR ANY REASON, be subordinate to ANYONE other than Almighty God Himself.,This is a REMINDER: candidates with these HIGHLY UNDESIRABLE ASSOCIATIONS are LEGION within BOTH major political parties. Simply voting for anyone whose name is followed by an R will NOT get rid of them!,This is a tough job, because no one seems to have published a HANDBOOK CONTAINING THIS INFORMATION. VOLUNTEER work in this area is SORELY NEEDED. I have written and mailed a regular letter requesting this information to the T.E.A. Party. That was about five months ago. THERE HAS BEEN NO REPLY! PLEASE, SOMEONE with the RESOURCES to do this research, PROCEED with it and SHARE YOUR KNOWLEDGE.,Be prepared for the party headquarters to resist your efforts in this direction with their final dying breath, BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOLD OUT TO THIS EVIL. EXPECT that they will NOT LISTEN until and unless WE THE PEOPLE instill into them EVEN GREATER FEAR than do the ELITE MISCREANTS who have PURCHASED their cooperation through LAUNDERED-MONEY CONTRIBUTIONS. Let me CLUE you: they are ALREADY FEARING FOR THEIR LIVES; therefore, WE have to do even BETTER than THAT.,Please talk to your neighbors about SOVEREIGNTY, regardless of which side of the SO-CALLED aisle they’re ON. First of all, make sure that they KNOW WHAT SOVEREIGNTY IS! Next, ASK them: If we LOSE our sovereignty, HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET IT BACK? .,Until and unless we can create an INFORMED MAJORITY within the electorate, WE ARE TOAST. If we lose our sovereignty, that will cause us to lose our liberty. If we lose our liberty, we will lose ALL opportunity to prosper. For these reasons, 2012 will be the year of the ONE-ISSUE ELECTION. At THIS point, the ONLY issue that MATTERS is sovereignty! If we lose SOVEREIGNTY, we will ALSO LOSE EVERYTHING ELSE.

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