The New Age – A Pathway To Paradise?

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Produced by WCFC TV in Chicago and originally aired on that station, this documentary gives the viewer an objective, behind-the-scenes look at the New Age Movement.

The video contains candid interviews with well-known New Age leaders like David Spangler and Benjamin Creme, as well as interviews with leading Christian authorities on the New Age like Dave Hunt, Constance Cumbey and Martin and Diedre Bobgan.

Shot on location, the video takes you into the center of some New Age activities and the documentary itself examines many New Age ideas from holisitc health, yoga, hypnosis and trancendental meditation to New Age education practices, global government and the human potential movment.

The evidence presented is sure to convince even skeptics that a New Age movement has solid footing in every aspect of American society and is gaining momentum at incredible speed.

The New Age – A Pathway To Paradise?:

The New Age - Pathway To Paradise?


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