Final Warning: A History Of The New World Order

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In 1910, a group of international bankers secretly met on a small island off the coast of Georgia.

Their plan: to formulate a program to destroy the financial structure of America.

To do that, they pushed Woodrow Wilson into the presidency; and in 1913, Wilson signed into law, the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax.

In 1921, these international bankers established the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The U.S. Government took advantage of the CFR’s experience in finance and foreign affairs, and one of their study groups, the Advisory Committee on Post-War Foreign Policy, became part of the State
Department in 1941.

Final Warning: A History of the New World Order

The secret goal of this study group was to condition the Congress, and the people of this country to accept the establishment of the United Nations (UN).

The UN, initiated in 1945, does not seek to promote world peace and cooperation it was the first step towards a one-world government, which is now referred to as the New World Order.

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